Mt. Diablo Rises above the Suisun Slough.

Welcome to Paradise

Your Daily Marsh is dedicated to my incredible home on the marsh. The abundance and diversity of animal and plant life is endlessly inspiring and I find something new and amazing on a daily basis. I work very hard as the sole caretaker of this land and am pleased to share it with the world. 

Owl Rescue

The following video shows the steps taken to rescue this beautiful barn owl which appears in my other videos. I didn't realize she was sick at first but she went out into the marsh and just sat there for two days. When I walked up to her I could see she was clearly sick so I took her to the Suisun Wildlife Center for treatment. UPDATE: Very sadly she passed away at the wildlife center. They did all they could and believe that she died of old age.  


The full length "Soar" video with the neighborhood bald eagles and their eaglets. Filmed with a Mavic Air Drone and featuring an original soundtrack.

"Barn Owl 2"

"Barn Owl 1"

Your Daily Marsh

The Creative Process

My newest numbered series of artworks takes inspiration from my home. All pieces from The Marsh Collection feature birds found in my backyard. This video features the creation of work #3, The Great Egret.